Selected Publications

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Selected Presentations

“Cultural Awareness in Tutoring Contexts,” Presenter, Boston College Student-Athlete Academic Services, Chestnut Hill, MA (January 2019)

“Intercultural Competence in the Classroom,” Presenter, Boston College Center for Teaching Excellence, Chestnut Hill, MA (August 2018)

"Exploring Our Cross-Cultural Interactions," Presenter, First Church of Christ, Congregational, Bedford, MA (November 2017)

"Deepening Cross-Cultural Competence," Presenter, Statewide Bilingual Group, Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, Boston, MA (July 2017)

"Developing Your Intercultural Competence with Key Partners and Stakeholders," Presenter, Boston College Diversity and Inclusion Summit, Chestnut Hill, MA (June 2016)

"Deepening Study Abroad Students’ Intercultural Competence Through Reflection," Afternoon Keynote Speaker, Boston Intercultural Skills Conference, Chestnut Hill, MA (February 2016)